Trek Mini Patient Lifter

A patient hoist is among the best investments that can made to improve both user and carer safety and convenience.

A patient hoist allows a patient to be all but effortlessly lifted  and transferred into a wheelchair, a commode, a bed, a bath, a day chair, all with greatly reduced strain or risk of injury for both the carer and the patient.

Patient lifts come in two main types, floor lift and ceiling mounted. Discuss your situation with the experts at Mobility World for advice on which is best for you.

Patient Lift Selection Checklist

  • Does the patient need to be lifted from a seated or a prone position?
  • Does the patient have a lack of extremity use or spasticity?
  • Can the patient utilize hand grips?
  • Is it practical to move a floor lift inside the premises
  • Does the carer have the strength to move a floor lift with the patient suspended.


  • Leg spreader by pedal-mechanism.
  • LINAK JUMBO HOME LA31 series actuator with emergency stop function.
  • The leg width is adjustable from 600mm to 865mm for easy storage and transportation.
  • Height adjustment is from 900mm to 1060mm.
  • The mast height is 1250mm.
  • Four 3″ castors, with brake on rear.
  • Lifting capacity : 150kgs