TREK Sun Rider

Finally you do not have to worry about weather forecasts, with the TREK Sun Rider you can go where you like when you like, free of ponchos and sunblock.
The remarkable TREK Sun Rider provides protection from the elements without compromising performance or comfort.




Length: 1400

Width: 686

Height: 1195

Weight: 105kg

Inc Batteries: 145kg

Wheels: 13in

Max Speed: 15km/h

Reverse: 3.2km/h

Turning Radius: 1600mm

Max Slope: 12 degrees

Battery: 60ah

Max Load: 135kg

Max Range: 35km


The max range is tested under ideal circumstances with new batteries, temp of 25c, straight road, no wind and carrying load of 75kg. The actual driving distance may vary due to uncertain factors such as the road condition, tyre pressure, weather or load.