Moon Boot

  • Cross-strapping for better fit and foot stabilization.
  • Rocker bottom provides more stability during rehabilitation.
  • Extra pads help ensure comfort, stability and firm support for injured ankle.


    • Place foot in liner and secure with contact closure. Make sure the heel fits snugly into the posterior portion of the liner. Fasten the foot flaps on the liner first, making sure they are snug.
    • Wrap and fasten the leg portion of the liner, again making sure that it is snug from bottom to top. Some trimming of the liner may be necessary to accomplish an optimum fit.
    • Spread the uprights using both hands and step into boot, aligning uprights with midline of the ankle. The uprights may be bent to accommodate any leg contour.
    • Secure boot straps, starting at the toes and working up the leg.


Sizes based on US shoe size.
  • Small: Men (4 – 5), Women (5.5 – 6.5)
  • Medium: Men (5.5 – 7), Women (7 – 8.5)
  • Large: Men (7.5 – 10.5), Women (9 – 12)
  • X-Large: Men (11 – 13.5), Women (12.5 – 15)